How We Work

NORTH RIVER is a one stop option for designing and building a net zero energy home within a year of beginning any project. FlexHouse is the most widely used design option for our clients in meeting this goal, but we also do lots of custom designed houses that also meet net zero and Passive House design levels and work with a client’s own selectrd contractor if they prefer.

We work in 3 steps to completion.


To get started, we propose a short Feasibility Study that is completed in a few weeks, and that takes client’s design vision and their existing parcel of land to generate a 3D model, a full project budget, and a schedule to completion.

The next phase is usually a 2 month preparation of the final drawings and engineering to prepare for NORTH RIVER or an outside contractor’s team to build the project on a fixed bid or Cost Plus basis on a specifically designed site. This work is contracted separately following the Feasibility Study on a fixed fee basis.


The option for NORTH RIVER to proceed as general contractors of our FlexHouse and custom designed net zero homes is the path most clients take with us. We provide a full service construction process that targets a very fast 6 month building phase, using our own tight scheduling process and close electronic access for clients to track and make decisions through the course of the building process.


For clients who have their own builder or who live at a distance from the Hudson Valley, we do provide design drawings at a fixed re-use fee, with hourly support. Please note that we only design to net zero energy design standards, and this usually will take one layer of coordination with builders not yet experienced in net zeroe energy or Passive House designed homes.

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