tools for living

We see houses as tools for living the rest of our lives in living, made beautiful by practical and simple choices, and honest and useful materials and shapes. We strive to find multiple uses for every room. And we build houses that are flexible over time as needs of users change. Hence the name, flexhouse.

Our kitchens work on a ‘one touch’ design principle wherever possible, honoring the cleaning up as much as the making of meals.

Our open living spaces are also opportunities for fitness, space flexibility, and gathering places, that minimize circulation spaces between rooms.

Our bathrooms are geared toward low maintenance, and good light, flattering and spare.

And yes, we always have plenty of storage.

Our exterior spaces use foot-friendly layered pea stone terraces to reduce tick exposure while providing outdoor rooms for work, play and a casual walk-out connection to the earth.

Our landscapes use a zero maintenance wildflower meadow repair mix to heal the poor soils of our construction sites just before we leave.