construction costs

North river design build currently delivers completed passive designed flexhouse projects for the following estimated square foot prices, including all site infrastructure and permitting fees. These prices have levelled off recently, after a lot of volatility during the Covid and post-Covid era, so updating this sf cost estimate on our earliest phone call is a good idea.

ModelEstimated SF.Cost per square foot*
Flexhouse 1800-1,000$550
Flexhouse II1,000-1,600$525
Flexhouse III1,600-2,400$500
Flexhouse IV2,500-3,200$475
Custom FHCustom$550
Garage PH level800-1,200$375
Garage unrated800-1,200$275
ShellhouseFH III onlysave 30%
Pre-FabFH I and II onlysave 35%
*Estimated construction costs per sf include: all site infrastructure for well, in-ground septic, 100’ of gravel driveway, buried electric/data service, and exclude furniture, appliances, and actual ready to install photovoltaic panels, for which varying financing/ownership options exist.