whole project budgeting

All good projects begin with a total, ‘all-in’ budget that it is north river’s job to protect as the project proceeds.

From our first conversation with you, north river builds a project budget that is based upon a simple but complete picture of your total project investment. This ‘whole project budget’ includes 3 basic buckets of costs: 1) land + 2) design + 3) construction. It is the foundation of our collaboration together. It will set all design choices going forward. And it will allow our clients the most freedom and confidence to design their own house with us, and make it their own.

These three elements take the project from our initial conversations right through to completion of our base level flexhouse project, including all finishes and amenities, all permitting and approvals, and land engineering, infrastructure and site work through to low-impact landscaping on our way out. Most often, our clients will choose to add some additional options to these base costs for a completed project, from additional custom millwork to a garage a garden shed or a swimming pool. But otherwise our base budgets are comprehensive.*(see construction costs)

Over the 3 phases of work together, the budgets will gain accuracy: starting with estimated square foot pricing in Phase I, to detailed construction budgets in Phase II, and finally to fixed bids as we move through the completion of the design as we enter Phase III.