three phases of work

We structure our collaboration into three phases: a brief feasibility study in order to map the design, budget, and schedule onto your site. Then the production of architectural and engineering drawings to meet those goals. And third, the full permitting and construction of the project in less than one year from breaking ground.

Phase I Feasibility Study

A short collaborative study of a 3D design of all buildings and of the site, for a modest fixed fee, in order to provide you with a map of your project. Duration: 1-2 months

Phase II Architectural/Engineering Drawings

A completion of all required technical drawings, design detailing and materials selections with our architectural team, in order to provide stamped drawings and preparation of actual bids and pricing of the project. Design fees will be based on the new work required by the customization of the project from our previous flexhouse designs.

Phase III (optional) Project Construction

The full permitting and construction of the project by north river design build pllc on a cost plus construction contract in less than one year from mobilization.