design build

We feel that ‘design build’ is the timeless way of building, where the same skilled team that designs your home also builds it. North river uniquely offers this old school approach to meeting our primary business strategy, and our new shared challenge across the culture: achieving zero energy buildings, new and old, at zero additional cost. For our goals, zero means zero

north river is an all-in-one company, vertically integrated for whole project design build approach. On 90% of our projects, we envision, design, budget, and build your project right through to moving in, using an integrated, single team approach. While we are happy to provide only the design, as architects have traditionally done, and then to train or work with your own builder to achieve our net zero construction standards, consider this. The savings from this ‘one-stop-shop’ design build approach fully pays for the additional net zero energy package that will keep your project from having any energy bills or fossil fuels. Ever.