FLEXHOUSE is North River’s own line of net zero energy homes that find a sweet spot between flexibility, emotional aliveness, affordability, low/no maintenance, and high function living for a range of budgets and sizes. For more information about the design ideas, range of plans, and costs for FLEXHOUSE models, contact us at info@nriverarchitecture.com.

Read more about our FLEXHOUSE concept in a recent DVEIGHT Magazine feature: “The Design Adventurer”


1,000 sf 1 bedroom, 1 full bath

The smallest version of the series is perfect for a weekend cabin or an Airbnb rental. See photos on Instagram.


1,200 sf 2 bedrooms with sleeping loft, 1 full bath

Compact and bold, with room to grow. See our recently-completed Napanoch Passive House project.


2,200 sf 3 bedrooms with sleeping loft 3 full baths.

Smaller in footprint than FLEXHOUSE IV, without sacrificing drama and high ceilings. See the Bearsville Passive House for one completed variation on this model, with others in construction through 2022.


1800 sf 2 bedroom 1.5 bath but adaptable to 3,200 sf 5 bedroom 3.5 baths in same envelope.

Our prototype house demonstrates all of the design features of the FLEXHOUSE concept of adaptability, affordability, low no energy or maintenance costs including transportation. To see more, visit our certified Accord Passive House.

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