Why We Love All-Electric Homes

We are big believers in all-electric Passive House home design. Who wouldn’t love the huge reductions in energy use coupled with renewable energy, and no more fossil fuel use at home?  But there are a few habits to change while living in a Passive House. 

This recent NYT opinion piece co-authored by our friends at the Rocky Mountain Institute does a great job of explaining away any hesitations you might have about building an all-electric home — especially if you are still under the impression that gas stoves are superior for cooking. Our Accord Passive House has an induction stove in the kitchen and Peter absolutely loves it.

Why do all-electric homes make sense now? Because technology has come to the rescue, in the form of devices called heat pumps. They run on electricity, but far more efficiently than the electric appliances of our parents’ generation. So if we start installing them now, then as the electric grid gets greener, our buildings will be contributing less and less to climate change.