Overlook Mountain Passive House

The Overlook Mountain Passive House was designed to fit the steeply sloping site with a shed roof line that mimicked the adjacent landscape. Built along a rocky shelf, this 5,500 square foot home and pool house is the most complex Certified PHIUS home we have designed and built to date. The experience of the home presents grand open rooms, narrow glassed hallways, rooftop terrace areas, expansive covered outdoor space and an attached garage. While posing a construction challenge at almost every step, the result is an intricate dwelling, lending a space to all activities in all seasons, placed between the cliffs and waterfall to the north and downslope views to the south. 

The exterior is clad with stucco on the upper level and thermally modified oak siding on the lower, with expansive glass installed by Sash + Frame. The interior features interior white oak cabinetry by local cabinetmaker DCN Woodworking and custom white oak furniture by Caleb Killian, produced from a tree removed from the building site. The minimalist white interior sets the backdrop for the client’s extensive art collection. 

Final project photos coming Summer 2024

Project Team:
North River Architecture and Planning – Architect
North River Design Build – Builder
Kaaterskill Associates – Structural Engineer
Northeast Projects – Energy Modeler