Peter Reynolds

Partner, Design Director

Peter has 30 years of experience in the field. He has been the lead designer of many local and community design, construction, and planning projects, including a number of new dormitory and academic buildings on the Bard College campus and at the Omega Institute. Working closely and collaboratively with contractors, engineers and owners, Peter has earned a reputation as a local expert in modern sustainable design with a sensitivity to local context and affordability — recently extended by his own design-build home project with North River, the Accord, NY Passive House. Throughout his extensive design career, Peter has produced distinguished residences, commercial offices and institutional projects throughout the Hudson Valley, New York City, New England, California, and the Caribbean. He has been a consultant on sustainable master plan and renewable energy strategy for public sector and corporate clients.

Peter is a Harvard University graduate, and began his career as a self-taught designer-builder trained in the Pattern Language tradition of Christopher Alexander.